La Boutique de Fleurs

Shorts: Asos
My parents stay at Vienna for the weekind, jippie! I actually come from 
a small village at the countryside, but moved to various cities after graduation. 
I love cities and can’t figure out to live at small towns anymore. 
-cities never sleep
.you can go to cinema/theatre every day and still haven’t seen everything
-shops are open until 8
-no countryside gossip and rumours (I can tell: THIS is so arduous)
-BIG buildings, big churches, big parks, big coffeeshops
and you can do whatever you want to do!

But  I really miss the long walks through the forests and fields and: flowers!
So I bought this beautiful shorts from Asos and some gorgeous hyacinths.
Lovin memories of home.

Lydz xX said...

loving the look, great pics and yes as much as the country is amazing, he city is just a bit better :)
thanks for comment, following u now…follow me back if u like
Lydz xX