Live like a man

Mister and I did some posing for the Biotherm campaign ‘Live like a man‘, which automatically led me to the question: Do I live like a man? 
Here is my conclusion …

I do not spend ages in my bathroom = like a man
When I was a kid I used to beat the daylight out of my schoolmates = like a man
I love to watch the UEFA European Championship and I try no to miss a single game = like a man

I don’t like beer = fail
I don’t snore = fail 
I don’t wear boxer shorts = fail
I try to avoid to burp in public = fail

I love being a woman, but don’t wanna miss the little boy inside me.
What about you?

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oohhhh, suuuperrrr! :) dein bizeps kann sich sehen lassen.

Luisa said...

oh das bild ist so cool & der text dazu ebenfalls! ..aber ich für meinen teil bin wohl eindeutig mehr frau, aber ich finde so muss das :)

haha, you’re right, you’re not like a man – you’re like a little boy! fun! don’t lose that!

modewurst said...

Best picture ever ;D
I like the little boy inside you!

Mary said...

Haha this post is so cute/funny. I’ve always been a real girly girl so I can’t say that I’ve ever lived like a man hehe… xx

invisibly said...

:) super!
ich mag den in mir auch, der gern auf felsen und bäume klettert und keine angst vor insekten hat.

Priscilla said...

Love Ur Blog Dear ♥ beautiful pictures! i enjoyed seeing it

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