Save the Date: Fashionblogger Fleamarket

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You can buy every single one of the following pieces at my Fleamarket Booth this Saturday!!! 
Clothes, Accessoiries & Beautystuff from Asos/Topshop/Monki/Primark/True Religion/Zara and many others. Have a look …

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Necklace – Hennes&Mauritz/ Rainbow Bracelet (new!!) – H&M Fashion Against Aids
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Dramatic Pleated Dress – Zara/ Pink Bag – Fiorelli
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clockwise: Scarf – Primark/ Small Bag + Loop Scarf + Belt – Hennes&Mauritz/ Purse – Urban Outfitters/ Jeanshorts – H&M/ Watch – Review/ 50’s Bag + Neon Specs Case – H&M
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Pastel Maxi Dress (great condition) – Love21
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Shopper (new!!) – George, Gina & Lucy (different colour here)
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Unironed Pants (worn just once) – Zara 
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Brooch – Unknown/ Double Ring – F21/ Necklace – Unknown
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Top – Hennes & Mauritz/ Satchel – Unknown
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Tunika with Embroidery – Hennes & Mauritz
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Dress with Braided Waist – Hennes & Mauritz
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Necklaces –  Hennes & Mauritz/ Turkish Giftshop/ Asos
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Ankle Boots – Pieces/ Shirts – P&C Designers for Tomorrow & Armed Angels
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Faux Fox Jacket – Primark London
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Necklace – Topshop/ Bracelet – Unknown/ Leather Wristband – Hennes & Mauritz
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Crop Top (new!!) – Hennes & Mauritz
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Cosy Jumper – Vintage Store
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Colourdots Neckholder + Embroidered Top – Hennes & Mauritz
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Black Lacedress – Zara/ Mask – Unknown
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Boycut Blazer – Promod / Houndstooth Blazer – Joop
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Handbag – Topshop/ Satchel – Unknown/ Leather Belt – Hennes & Mauritz/ Red Doublebelt – Unknown 

You can buy EVERY single piece and 50 other secret pieces at my Fleamarket Booth this Saturday!!! 
I hope to get rid of my clothes & stuff – come and visit me!

The Fashionblogger Fleamarket supported by MQ 

When: July 21 11:00 − 19:00
Where: Museumsquartier/ Arena21 

How to get there: reach the Arena21 (Museumsplatz 1, 1070 Vienna) by 

U3 (Volkstheater)
U2 (Museumsquartier)

Streetcars 1, 2, D (Burgring) and 49 (Volkstheater)
There is also a underground garage right in front of the MQ

More Information here


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Bog-Bog said...

I hope that later will be another flea market because I will be on holiday this weekend. But i woold like to take part of it…

Wow, sind richtig tolle Sachen dabei… Schade, dass Wien so weit weg ist! ;o)

Pixi said...

Uh! Ich freu mich schon auf Samstag (:

Clara Turbay said...

I find on your blog basic ideas and well achieved.

I love your photos and layout on here, perfection!
Love your blog by the way, about to go back through your old posts :)
I’ll love to follow you on GFC if you follow me?


Analisa said...

All these pieces are so beautiful!

Lovely pieces and what i like the most is how it is all so colour co-ordinated! :) amazing

Lots of love,