Graffiti (10)

To tell you a secret: I used to paint Graffitis on walls, so no wonder I felt quite comfortable taking pictures at this location. 

The outfit matches perfectly with the walls, but there’s one weird thing:

Graffiti (17)
Graffiti (11)
Graffiti (1)
Graffiti (12)
Graffiti (3)
Graffiti (4)
Graffiti (7)
Graffiti (5)
Dress – Diesel (similar here)/ Sweater – Asos (on sale here)/ Leather Jacket – Vintage/ Bangles – Souvenir from Croatia/ Boots – Zalando Collection 

Am I the only one who imagines that an evil twin (with the same sweater and bangles) lifes inside my leather jacket and 

always tries to close the jacket because its so cold underneath? Well, just look at the first picture again. Welcome to my fantasies!

  My field of work is the imagination, and whether I express it in obviously creative ways such as photographing, painting or theatre, 

or through fashion. The main thing is: Use your imagination and be creative!

I really wanna know how you express your thoughts and feelings. Tell me!

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Sarah said...

I really like the background, and that sweater is awesome!

Tessa: said...

Haha well never imagined that, but there’s nothing wrong with my imagination. Love your sweater and it looks great in combination with your velvet dress

amalie said...

i love this!! that sweater is gorgeous xx

Hilal said...

Die Schuhe mit dem Pullover und der Jacke, sind ein Traum! ♥

Loving the full lenght look on you, and the bracelets are perfect here. The last shot is captivating as ever!

Framboise Fashion

Viktoria said...


Die Jacke ist genauso lässig, wie dein Graffiti-Du! Ich halte mich ja auch am liebsten zwischen bemalten Wänden auf und werde eines Tages mal mein Schlafzimmer vollsprayen.

Sharmili said...

hahahah it totally looks like a random arm is just poking out in the first photo, but I didn’t realize until you pointed it out. Love the velvet dress/skirt and textured sweater :)

Mili from call me, Maeby

Thanks sweet! :)

Looooove your sweater, it’s gorgeous!!


Great outfit and I quite like the way your imagination works – though I’d probably just go for “twin” without the “evil” ;-) Thanks so much for your comment on my blog, really appreciate it (glad you like my kitchen items too) xo

Mauranne said...

your sweater is so perfect!!


Carmen said...

Dankeschön :) Du bist ja sowas von hübsch!!

Siska said...

der pulli steht dir unwahrscheinlich gut!

Mancina said...

great outfit, like the skirt alot and it suits you perfectly!

p.s. looked back at the first pic and yes! it really looks like an evil twins hand. hahah so cool! =)

und deine augen sind wirklich zauberhaft :)