New In: Vintage Treasure

the hyacinths, my bag and I are lusting for spring. can u hear me?
LittleWhiteBag (6)
LittleWhiteBag (1)
LittleWhiteBag (3)

browsing through fleamarket stalls, unsuspectingly, when suddenly I saw it KABOOM!!

 there was this small bag uniting three of my passions: the colour white, vintage finds and Alexander Wang’s minimalism. 

 these magic fleamarket moments are rare but full of love. amen.

bagjune vintage

ps: you’ll be able to find some treasures yourself at the Modebloggerflohmarkt tomorrow!
Burnlab – Neubaugasse 33 − 1070 Wien  11:00-19:00

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Mancina said...

lovely bag and gorgeous pictures!

Love, love, love the bag. Always great when you come across a “find”

Happy Friday!


Lali said...

Schönste Frühlingsbilder. :)

Tine said...

I love both!

Milex said...

You are a genius

Die Blumen! So hübsch, ich bin immer zu faul welche zu holen, sollte ich echt mal ändern.

Tolle Tasche!

Lydia said...

the bag is beautiful! x

Alex said...

Wunderschöne Blumen und eine süße Tasche. Habe mir auch vorgenommen, endlich mehr Blumen zu kaufen.

Lieben Gruß

Mary said...

Ooh your bag is lovely! Vintage finds are so special, I love it. I really like your photos as well, the composition is great and the bag & hyacinths are a killer combination. Super fresh! xx

Lydia Bishop said...

Oh my gosh! I love when you find amazing vintage like this! You lucky thing xx

please check out my blog sometime xx
herlux fashion

Tessa: said...

Aah great find indeed, just perfect!

Rikke said...

I’m so ready for spring!!!

Eline said...

it’s just absolutely perfect!
Beautiful photos!

ekule le said...

Amazing!!! I love the hyacinths and your bag is great!!!

moiminnie said...

Are you kidding me right now?? I found a very similar white leather bag a few weeks ago in a thrift store!!! Just haven’t showcased it on the blog yet, it needs a bit of cleaning up! Great minds think alike indeed :) x

Miss Yellow said...

Wer wartet im Moment nicht auf den Frühling? Sehr, sehr hübsche Bilder :))

LOLA FINN said...

Die ist aber schön. Will auch!

Chelsea said...

Your bag is so adorable and petite, and I love the simplicity. I agree – very Wang-esque!

Cocochic said...

Your blog is incredible! I love that white bag it’s perfect. Now following you! (How could I not?)

I’ve just ‘re-started’ my blog (after a huge time out) and I’d love it if you could check it out and let me know what you think! All feedback is welcome :)