Ripped Denim

Ripped Denim

OUTFIT. I feel like summer’s testing me: how many „something between autumn/spring/summer” oufits could you pull off without
getting annoyed by the weather? At least the missing heat allows me to wear tight denim skirts without feeling like a packaged steak.

Ripped Denim (18)
Ripped Denim (11)
Ripped Denim (7)

Ripped Denim (8)
Ripped Denim (20)

Skirt – Asos (similar here) Shirt – H&M Sandals – ZaraPalm Cuff – Urban Outfitters  / Mirrored Sunnies – H&M (similar here)

Dear summer, 

so you are testing me? Alright, BRING IT ON! I’ve got hundreds of sandals, skirts and shorts waiting to be worn and trust me:
 I will wear them – no matter what! Because I’ve also got hundreds of jackets and sweatshirts to combine them with, if necessary. 
Sticks, stones and freak weather won’t break my bones. I have a nerdy soul and I will pass this test. So just pull the trigger.   

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Theresa said...

I’ll always love the look of highwaisted denim pencil skirts and this one is so good. Lovin’ it paired with whites!


Claude said...

normally I don’t like jeans skirts, but you pull it off really great! love the look!

hugs from NY:)

If I knew knee length denim was going to be cool again, I wouldn’t have callously discarded my pair from 8th grade which I revered at the time.

You look fantastic. Contemplating heading to H&M for some basics but sort of terrified they’ll all apart in 2 weeks due to my tendency to wear them as a uniform.

x Arushi

Becky P said...

Oh WOW, I love it! Denim skirt is huge this season, I need one in my closet! xx

FAIIINT said...

The weather is driving me crazy too! I wish it would make its mind up! On Thursday I was wrapped up in a leather jacket & today I’m sitting outside in tiny shorts & a tank top!
Love this look, those sunglasses are amazing, I can’t believe they’re H&M!

xLangstrumpf said...

wie immer sehr cooles Outfit!
Jeansröcke mag ich überhaupt nicht, aber diese Ripped-Variante ist wirklich cool und passt zu dir :-)
und deine Brille liebe ich sowieso!
LG Katrin

I haven’t worn a denim skirt like that in ages (since I was a little girl and my mum picked my clothes for me) but I wouldn’t mind owning a pair now.
I love yours and how you’ve worn it. And the sandals? Amazing x


Lauren said...

Hi Vienna! You are gorgeous in this simple summer white and denim look! Eye candy, as always, doll!


Lauren at adorn la femme

The best looking blogger there is. You should take your sandals, skirts and shorts to London! We’re having a heat wave as I write.


Viktoria said...

wow! so toll!!

Sandra said...

Sehr schönes Outfit! Denim und weiss passt perfekt zusammen! :-)

Mouna said...

Beautiful outfit :)
i like your skirt

Sarah Lewis said...

love it! you have such an amazing style!

Lovely blog, Glad I found it, hope you can stop by mine sometime and tell me what you think :)

On the Bright Style