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WEDEKIND RECOMMENDS. Memories define who we are and to remember is a precious gift! What would we be if we couldn’t 
remember the important moments in our lives? I always make travel-photobooks after my journeys and I love browsing through
 them from time to time to refresh my memories. Instagram is another memory-storage since it records your daily adventures.
  Now I’ve printed my virtual memories on magnets – thx to PicPack! Here are my InstAdventures from some of my travels:

MagneticMoments (3)
Instagram Magnets – PicPack

 I love the shape of the magnets and the washable texture. My fridge is way more attractive now and it is thanking me 
 with ice-cold drinks. If you wanna see the original sources visit my Instagram stream (@viennawedekind).

Memories are like books; a few live in our hearts through life, and the rest,
 like the bills we pay, are read and then forgotten. – Gerald Bendall –

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Viktoria said...

beautiful post!

Ähm, wir haben die gleiche Zassenhaus-Eieruhr. Außer schön sein, kann sie nicht sooo viel, oder? ;) Aber immerhin…
Liebe Grüße,

Siska said...

ich liebe nichts mehr als fotos und parfums, die an schöne zeiten erinnern♥


those are so cool! instagram is so addictive!!