Ca plan pour moi

OUTFIT. As you might know I’m a huge fan of swedish brands. ACNE oh yes. CHEAP MONDAY yes please. 5PREVIEW very welcome! 

This college jacket from 5PREVIEW is one of my favourite pieces from their AW 13-14 collection called „ca plane pour moi“:

Ca plan pour moi (6)
Ca plan pour moi (2)
Ca plan pour moi (9)
Ca plan pour moi (4)
Ca plan pour moi (3)
Ca plan pour moi (1)

5PREVIEW – College Jacket ZARA – Trousers ZARA – Shirt / CHEAP MONDAY – Pumps

Ça plane pour moi” means “Everything is going well for me“ and that’s what discribes my current situation best. My film is running extraordinarily well in cinema, I’ve travelled a lot so far, exciting blog-projects lie ahead of me and I’m preparing for a TV-series. 
This all is very exciting since my life wasn’t that good a couple of years ago. I’m thankful for every minute on this planet, for every opportunity I get and of course I’m thankful for YOUR support. It means a lot to me! Sending you virtual hugs and a happy song

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Q said...

The jacket is lovely!..Thank you for sharing, what doesn’t kill you will make you stronger and whatever the details of your past trials and tribulations…. they were stepping stones for your future!…Wishing you all the luck and success!…ride it til the wheels fall off, have a blast doing it and continue to share! hugs.x


Daniella said...

This is such a great look! I love the colour of your shirt and those shoes are amazing :)

Take care,
Daniella xox

alina. said...

Super schönes Outfit! ich hab mich gerade sososo in deine Schuhe verliebt! Sieht man dich denn bei der Vienna Fashion Week? Ich werde am Samstag hingehen und würde mich freuen wenn ich ein paar ‘bekannte’ gesichter erkennen kann! bin übrigens eine Bloggerin aus Graz :-)

hugs alina ♥


Andrea said...

You look great! I love cool and edgy outfits like this. I wish I could pull them off! ;) Happy to hear that everything’s going so well for you! :)
xo Andrea

FAIIINT said...

It’s so nice to hear things are going so well for you Carola! :) Love this outfit so much, I’ve been looking for a nice sports jacket for ages & this one is lovely!

yvonne ★ said...

Oh how I love those scandinavian fashion brands!
I’ve been eyeing on a pair of cheap monday’s patent leather boots for some time now (new blog post about black footwear) and have just discovered the pumps you have on have the same heels.