GIVEAWAY. Looking back at my past outfits & travels I recognize that I’m really drawn to the colour blue. First thought: Maybe it’s
 because of my eye colour? Second thought: Does that mean that all people with green eyes are automatically „greenophile“? Tell me! However, I love all kinds of blue – from electric to midnight – it somehow makes me happy! When I was asked if I’d like to share the
new Comme des Garcons Blue Invasion with you I didn’t think twice. I had to answer one question: what’s the new blue for me?


Outfit5.7. (18)
BLUE (1)
St.Martin's Lodge (11)
NewBalance (2)
BLUE (3)
St.Martin's Lodge (29)
BLUE (4)

In my opinion blue is irreplaceable because it’s such a versatile colour, therefore I’d say „diversity is the new blue“.  Just like Comme
des Garcons the blue colour never gets boring and is full of surprises, which leads me to a GIVEAWAY! What’s THE NEW BLUE for you? 
Just fill in your idea of the new blue in the box below and win a Comme des Garcons´ sample! There’s an extra chance of winning on
INSTAGRAM: Upload a picture with your interpretation of „THE NEW BLUE“ using the hashtag #THENEWBLUE and @viennawedekind. 
The top Instagram pictures will win a bottle of Comme des Garcons Blue Fragrance.  Good luck babes!!

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Viktoria said...

wow! so beautiful post!


TIGER LILY said...

Beautiful post ! Navy blue remains my favorite blue.

rosamosa said...

That’s why we do blueprint!

Laura said...

Toller Post! Und interessanter Gedanke. Und als Blauäugige kann ich mich dem eigentlich auch nur anschließen :-D

Leonie Engel said...

One of the best post, I´ve ever seen! Blue is absolutely my favorite color!!!

Matthew Pike said...

Damn this is cool, my post was a bit of a rush job and didn’t turn out as well as I’d hoped. Nice one.

Buckets & Spades

Julie said...

my eyes are grenn and now when I’m thinking about it, I kinda like green, because my closet is full of khaki jackets, sweaters and jeans :)

Finde das Outfit richtig gut. Auch dein Blog gefällt mir sehr! :-)

Liebe Grüße

melissa said...

beautiful choices of pictures and inspirations xx

Cécile said...

Wow, ich liebe rosegold und diese Ringen sehen einfach toll aus! Danke für deinen lieben Kommentar übrigens.

xx Cécile

Anonymous said...

People who has blue as their favourite colour is the biggest group comparing with other colours… There are such statistics… Don’t ask why.