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„Never underestimate the power of a sugar scrub!“ the white jar whispered to me. „I’ll make your skin soft like down-filled pillow…“

„Sorry, but when it comes to beauty stuff I’m hard to impress! I have my daily essentials, like a moisturizer, and that’s it. Scrubs pah. Just a modern invention to sell more fancy cosmetics! Like valentine’s day just serves the florists.“

after a very intense argument I gave it a go. showered, damped my skin, massaged and rinsed off.
Back on the bath mat I knew the jar was right. I smelled like a candycotton cowboy holding a newborn baby (which is a good thing) and my skin felt softer than it ever felt before. The winter skin: all gone!

„Ok, you win! Now, hop on to my shower caddy. I’ll come back to ya soooon!“ a new scrub addict was born and the jar was grinning.

PS: in case you read this: mom, happy mother’s day! I love you!

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