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Cutting my Jeans is fun and feels good but what to do with the poor denim bits now ripped apart from the jeans mothership? I don’t like throwing things away so I tried to find a new purpose for the denim. I played around a little (rainy days are dangerous for creative minds!) and ended up wearing them as armlet. I instantly liked the idea because when you wear an oversized shirt it accentuates your arms and adds a nice contrast to the loose fit of the garment. Leonardo Da Vinci was right: what fits at your legs would fit most definitely on your arms.
Hint: pair your brassard (correct definition thx to google) with a feminine shirt so it doesn’t get too military!

How to get frayed hems and brassards:

1. Put on your jeans to check how short you wanna go.
2. When you’ve found your perfect length, mark it with a permanent marker.
3. Cut your jeans with a scissor.
4. Fray the hem with a scalpel (or throw it into the washing machine).
5. Fray the brassard as much as you like it.
6. Have fun!

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Laura said...

Sorry, aber das sieht aus wie eine Armbinde die man trägt wenn jemand gestorben ist :/

Fanny said...

I love the idea! Funny to see that I’m not the only one who’s trying hard to not get rid of bits of tissues cutted from everywhere… definitively need to try this on.
Vika’s regressive dots needed an upgrade ;)