Prag Store Berlin | VIENNA WEDEKIND
Prag Store Berlin | VIENNA WEDEKIND
Prag Store Berlin | VIENNA WEDEKIND
Prag Store Berlin | VIENNA WEDEKIND
Prag Store Berlin | VIENNA WEDEKIND
Prag Store Berlin | VIENNA WEDEKIND
Prag Store Berlin | VIENNA WEDEKIND
Prag Store Berlin | VIENNA WEDEKIND
Prag Store Berlin | VIENNA WEDEKIND

Travel is a great passion of mine – luckily I get to see a lot of great places and of course lots of great shops that come with that! Just like the Prag Store in Berlin, which I’ve visited during Fashionweek back in July. The store is run by Prag PR – a german PR Agency for some of the coolest brands (e.g. Lala Berlin) and with the most beautiful and smart PR agents on board (trust me, I’ve seen them myself!). No wonder the Prag Store is just right up my alley and a real threat to my wallet. I’m talking about the new Lala Berlin Collection (already test-worn by yours truly), the Ina Beissner Rings and the Lika Mimika Loafers. Yummy yummsn. However, I’ve reached out to Mirela Abadi – the shop owner and my personal fashion heroine – to ask her a couple of questions:

When did you open the store and why?
We opened the Prag Store four months ago, because we wanted to see our great brand portfolio presented on a sales floor according to our own taste. We have a very strong CI (=Corporate Identity) and wanted to emphasise that with our own store.

What can customers expect/buy at the store?
Our portfolio mirrors the brand realm of out PR agency – Kaviar Gauche, Rika, Christian Wijnants, Avelon, Lika Mimika, amongst others. It’s a mixture of design, quality and cool glamour paired with labels like EDITED which are much more affordable than many other brands but are perfect for combining and complementing a look. For me it’s a reflection of the modern zeitgeist to be able to combine high street fashion and design again.

How would you describe a typical PRAG Store customer?
After such a short period that’s difficult to say, but it is certainly fashion-atuned women from their mid-20s to mid-40s. They make a point of coming into the store because they have read or heard about it. We have very few walk-ins. These women come especially to buy labels like Avelon, Ina Beissner, RIKA or EDITED.

What is your favourite designer in general?
That’s no big secret: it’s Chloé and Céline. But I would never buy myself one of the Céline signature bags. It’s less about wearing the label as a statement than about the look and the design and that’s why I tend to buy collection pieces from Céline. I love fashion and it is more than enough for me, when only I know what labels I am wearing. Apart from that I have rediscovered Comme des Garçons for myself – a collection for which I used to save every penny when I was younger. And of course I tend to wear many of the designers I represent: Avelon, & Other Stories, Kaviar Gauche and Citizens of Humanity. I love these jeans. They are like cashmere on my skin.

Where do you get the most inspiration from?
I have always read an inordinate amount. I love books. And music. Records. I am also very interested in architecture, which probably has to do with the fact that my husband is an architect. That’s why we travel a lot and go to art fairs. And I have to admit – I like blogs. Yours, for example. I think it’s intelligent and special.

How do you choose the pieces for the store?
The items for the store were selected by Melanie Bauer who is responsible for distribution at my agency. I am happy to leave these things in the hands of professionals and she simply has more experience in that area than I do. Successful business is also about being able to let go and let others use their expertise.

What is your favourite piece from the current collection?
That’s hard to say: I love the new loafers by Lika Mimika, the great winter jackets by EDITED, the beautiful striped silk combinations by Christian Wijnants and pretty much everything from AVELON. The jewellery by Ina Beissner is always a special highlight. What can I say – I love all these collections, otherwise I wouldn’t have taken them into my PR portfolio – I always work according to the motto, “less is more and you have to really love it.” And I love what I do. The motivation for what I do was never the money.

thx Mia and good luck with the store!

Friedrichstrasse 40, 10969 Berlin Mitte
TUE. – FR. 11:00 − 19:00
SAT. 12:00 – 17:00


Cloudy said...

MIA <3 most stylish and inspiring woman in Berlin

Fanny said...

Looks so good ! I would love to visit this store (those shoes!). You’re always discovering nice places, lucky girl :)


Amy said...

Those are such lovely pictures, everything looks amazing — would love to see this place in real life someday! X