Louis Vuitton Military Boots © VIENNA WEDEKIND

LOUIS VUITTON – Combat Boots (similar here / budget here)

My first military-like boots were a pair of Doc Martens that I proudly bought in London. They were the best choice for my teenager (festival-o-phile) feet and my loyal companions on our annual apple harvest. Things you do when growing up on the countryside… These boots were comfortable, weatherproof and together with my chunky cardigan and a pair of black levi’s I was grunging along the cool side of teenage life.

Rumor has it that combat boots are back to kick-ass give an edge to every sleek situation. I like the ones from Louis Vuitton (especially now that I know how they’re made) and I could totally see me wearing them with a simple black dress or tailored trousers. What about you?

PS. still got my doc martens..

S. said...

Although I love boots, I’m not fan of this particular model!

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Fanny said...

When I was young I dreamed about having a pair of Doc Martens, especially the purple ones of my sister. Coming to an older age and yet frustrated of not being able to have a pair, I worn real combat boots/rangers for some years until I could not wear it anymore. I especially loved how the straps rattled and how hated I was when I walked next to other people in the street.
Ok, I’ll stop for now, but I could probably wear it again !


Kiara King said...

Oh my freaking wow! These bad boys are what [combat boot] dreams are made of, I swear! The Louis Vuitton’s are definitely the best grungy-style boots I’ve seen in a long long time, if not ever. The zip, the buckles… Ahhh!