Spring Wishlist | VIENNA WEDEKIND
Spring Wishlist | VIENNA WEDEKIND

One of the first things I got myself for my new home office was this whiteboard because you know…. I’ve got a thing for moodboards and wishlists. But when I sat down to think about my sartorial wishes for spring (and pin them on that board) nothing specific came into my mind except those killer Cat Boots I’ve been eyeing for so long now.

Being perfectly happy is a marvellous feeling but it’s also nice to think about lovely stuff. My wishes concentrate more on basic pieces and interior stuff right now like this very chic floor lamp, a new sideboard or the mother of blogger home clichés: a diptyque candle. But you know what: I don’t give a damn about stereotypes – this mimosa scent is just too good and I adore living rooms that smell like heaven. Amen.

Fashionwise I’m still searching for the perfect black leather pants (though I love my dark blue ones) and a great summer trench just like this one from my Scandi Friends. Last but not least: Accessories! For me the most important pieces in the closet. I’m in love with these delicate hoop earrings and don’t get me started on these smoking hot hardware adorned sandals?? awww.

damn… after writing this post I obviously have some specifice wishes… what about you?

Ana said...

Love the idea of the whiteboard, and that lamp is gorgeous.
Can’t wait to have my own office space to kit it out like that.

Ana x


Alnis said...

Ein tolle Idee so ein whiteboard, wäre sicher für mein office perfekt!
Liebste Grüße
Auf unserem Blog läuft zur Zeit ein Gewinnspiel!

Katta said...

Gefällt mir wirklich sehr gut :) <3

Allerliebste Grüße,