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Iced Coffee and a good read – that’s all I need on vacation! Whenever my time table allows it I love to bookworm my way through the bestseller lists and holidays are the perfect opportunity to do so. Besides browsing through the Vogue & Elle collections (which obv are no books but definitely a must-read before the new season starts) I’m currently reading essays from former Vogue editor Diana Vreeland.

A smart woman writing about her experience in the fashion world and how it changed within the decades. These behind-the-scenes stories are written in such a fun way! Although I just started this book I already love it and I think you might like it too…

DIANA VREELAND Fashion, Style, Allure

muenzeeins said...

das sieht echt nach fun lecture aus :)! muss ich mir umbedingt besorgen, merci fûr den tip!

Daniella said...

Oo this sounds like a good read! I’ll have to give it a go :)

Take care,
Daniella xox

annie lee said...

you had me at the mention of iced coffee and a good read. lovely post!