How to find the perfect Winter Coat | More on #isabelmarantetoile #No21
How to find the perfect Winter Coat | More on #isabelmarantetoile #No21
How to find the perfect Winter Coat | More on #isabelmarantetoile #No21
How to find the perfect Winter Coat | More on #isabelmarantetoile #No21
How to find the perfect Winter Coat | More on #isabelmarantetoile #No21

No21 Coat & ISABEL MARANT ÉTOILE Coat via Inked (budget options below) / DESIGNERS REMIX PantsVILA Fedora / ASOS Sandals

I guess for most of us the hunt for the ideal winter coat is an annual tradition (or burden). But how to find the perfect one?
Here are some tips for your search:

1. First of all it should keep you warm! That’s the most important thing so forget all the „breathtakingly beautiful but thin as paper“ Coats!
You might have regrets when the temperature climbs below zero… Good choices would be Wool Coats or Down Jackets.

2. The perfect coat should have an interesting colour or pattern without being too distracting! If you choose too bold colours or crazy prints you might get tired of it during Winter…

3. Choose a coat that matches your accessories (boots, scarves, hats)

4. Remember: Winter is the season of layers! So make sure to pick a coat big enough to wear your favorite chunky knits underneath….

If you keep these tips in mind, I’m pretty sure you’ll find your perfect coat without difficulty!

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Katrin said...

toller Post!
die perfekte Winterjacke zu finden, ist wirklich schwierig.. vorallem wenn man so eine Frostbeule ist, wie ich es bin ;)
ich hab mir einen unglaublich dicken Parka von adidas gekauft, der ist nicht der Schickste, aber der Wärmste und für sonst hab ich einen schönen schwarzen Fellmantel.
in den Isabel Marant Mantel hab ich mich schon vor einiger Zeit absolut verliebt, aber der liegt einfach außerhalb meines Budgets, leider!

LG Katrin

Daniella said...

Amazing coat choices! They are both so different yet equally gorgeous! :)

Take care,
Daniella xox

MIRJAM said...

Der karierte Mantel ist ja der Hammer! Stimme dir vollkommen zu bei deinen Tips – super wichtig, dass der Mantel warm gibt und einfach ein Allrounder ist!
xx. Mirjam