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Ok, here’s the story: I rarely fall in love with designer bags. Especially all the trend/must-have/need-right-now bags don’t impress me much. I would never buy a Dionysus because it’s TREND, same goes with Drew, Marmont, Puzzle Bag… Why should I spend so much money (and let’s be honest: these bags are just insanely expensive!!) on something I don’t really love? Just to be „trendy“? Pah! A bag has to touch me in a way, it needs to tell a story and match my personality. That’s why I’m choosing very CAREFULLY and this „love at first sight“ thing doesn’t happen very often.

B U T this season even 3 (!!) investment bags somehow won my heart, one of them is the Prada Cahier Bag. As I’ve been always fascinated by the planets, outer space and stars high above, so this bag got all my attention. Plus it’s velvet and gold-encrusted!! I know it’s crazy, but I can’t get it out of my head. Maybe if I sell all my clothes...

PRADA Cahier Bag
Sunny said...

That bag looks magical. What is your astrological sign?

Claudine said...

Die Tasche ist wunderschön, ich habe sie schon mehrfach bei Instagram gesehen. Es ist schon schwer zu widerstehen, wenn man eine Sache nicht aus dem Kopf bekommt.

Claudine / http://www.claudinesroom.com

Maria said...

Erinnert mich an den Karl Lagerfeld Parfüm Flakon “Sun Moon And Stars” von 1994.