We reap what we sow

Outfitpicture (c) h.anna
Some weeks ago awesome Anna asked me if I want to be part of the Blogger’s Choice.
It’s a campaign of the traditional Vienna head-manufactory for fashion-interested Blogger:
go to the store
pick clothes you’d like to wear
jump outside and got photographed
That’s what I picked:
top: Vivienne Westwood
jeans: Edwin
shoes: Sofie D’hoore
I do some gardening at the moment. It’s such an overwhelming feeling if you can enjoy sun on your own terrace and watch your planted flowers grow.
Carolyn said...

incredible pictures. and you look so happy! :D

Tessa said...

yeea, I really love those shoes!!! :)

Marusya V said...

Wow! Great idea – such campaign:) did you get to keep the items? Love your choice!
beautiful flowers in your garden too..
Marusya V

Gaia said...

Wirklich tolle Bilder!!