(c) Vienna Wedekind
Pants-Zara/Top-Zara/Bikini Top-H&M

+ Wisteria (dt. Blauregen) has one of the best scents ever. You can see it right behind me.
+ The Wisteria Lane in „Desperate Housewives“ is named after it.
–  I was preparing for an boring casting today (just commercial) which means 1,5h waiting for
10min. blablabla. 
+ Good thing: Meet friends and colleagues who share the agony.
– Look at my fingers. Do you notice anything?
Leigh said...

you are so pretty! i love your look, and your hair! :)


Maggie said...

Ich bin also ein Zirkusfrollein! Hach, wie wunderbar :) Seit dieser verrückte Schweizer die Band “Bonaparte” gegründet hat, muss ich bei Zirkus immer an deren Bühnenauftritte denken ;) Deine Hose gefällt mir gut! Wobei ich mich nicht so recht an Hosen rantraue – meiner breiten Hüften sei Dank! o_O Bisous :*

Carolyn said...

pretty flowers! and thanks for the comment, the nail polish is $18USD

Despina T. said...

your Zara pants area amzing!i loved that electric blue!