I heart Hamburg

town hall
love is the key
red vintageblouse: Vintage&Rags/ grey+white shirts+stockings: Monki/ hand-creme: L’occitane 
socks:Weekday/rabbit-ring: Urban Outfitters/ purse+leather bracelet:Monki

had a wonderful city trip to Hamburg. I really love this city and if the weather wasn’t so unsettled I
would really think about moving there.

found some new precious things, especially the orange bracelet is awesome.
 hamburg has a lot of nice small shops so a short trip is worth it.

tomorrow I’ll be in front of the camera again! hooray!  
you can call it addiction, a wonderful one
hope I can show you some pictures soon

New In: Awesome Monki stuff etc.
Nevena R said...

I never been there but it looks very pretty :)

Lisa said...

and I heart you
you radiate joy