DIY “ex-boyfriended” shorts. explanation below…

Lost&Found: vintage shades from my mom

Lost&Found: Diesel Jeans. Something prevents me of wearing
my lovely antique trunk, which cares for my winter clothes
Lost&Found: this vintage belt my mom gave me. Pretty, isn’t it? Unfortunately a bit short.
Lost&Found: this leater dress I bought 2 years ago, although it is too big. Can anyone fix that for me?

after hours of cleaning-up everyone deserves a reward: fried-pineapple rings
What a day. Solche Tage sind anstrengend. 
Aber nach dem Aufräumen riecht es so frisch und 
alles ist beruhigt. Ein schönes Gefühl. Auch schön: Riesenmüllsack mit Klamotten ausgemistet haben!
Cleaning out my closet: Diesel-Jeans from my ex-boyfriend. It has flared legs, which I don’t like. But I didn’t want to throw them away, so I just made nice shorts out of it. 
So now its what I called „exboyfriended“.
Don’t hesitate, always be creative. 

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marie said...

I love this outfit! So cute, but still cool:)

A.Mictlan said...

mmmm… those friend pineapple slices look so delicious! I’ll have to try it some time.