they pay me for waiting, the acting is for free

waiting for pick-up service
master of ceremony
all (c) Vienna Wedekind

acting is the best thing ever, but it’s also weird. 
sometimes you’ve got nothing to do for weeks (when I say nothing I don’t really mean ‘nothing’. laziness is not in my vocabulary) and then suddenly you’ve got weeks full of work. I love it!

It’s awesome to have your driver/ your make-up artist/ to watch yourself on screen/ to get amazing pictures of you shot and to get compliments. But hey guys, that’s NOT normal life, it’s illusion. 
As actress you try hard to behave naturally in an completely unusual setting just to make the audience believe it’s real life. Crazy, isn’t it? Well, that’s my job and I would never ever give it up because it’s in my veins.

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Dunia C. said...

sounds great. i´ve never felt that desire for acting, but on the other hand i can imagine how is to feel it
about litas, yes, i ordered my usual size and they fit me. i read comments from some people in solestruck that said their litas are a bit small, but that´s not my case, i wear a 6.5 (36.5 in spain) and they fit me perfectly