PR can be fun

6.12. (5) Kopie

Today I had a PR-meeting with a gorgeous journalist, who writes a story about me.

Challenge: give some hints for Christmas-Shopping. 
So we spent the afternoon strolling round the streets and rushing in 1000 stores (or 999, can’t remember)
I must confess that I couldn’t resist to buy anything. urgh..

6.12. (7)
Pencil – Sax & Co
6.12. (10)
Calendar – Artur Bodenstein via Tiberius

6.12. (2) Kopie
Ring: Rokit + Topshop/ Blouse: Hennes&Mauritz/Necklace: Louche/ Fake Fur Cap: Vintage
6.12. (8)
M.A.C Concealer (the best)

6.12. (4)6.12. (9)
I was wearing this while meeting

except the fur cap of course
it’s just to show you how cold it is in Vienna and it felt right.

This is for my 100 Followers. bäääm!!
Anna said...

Cheers back ! :D

Mel van Rolt said...

danke für dein kommentar! dein blog ist ganz toll, ich werde dich mal verfolgen! :)

lg mel

Lola said...

These photos are so awesome!! I really need to play around with photoshop more often :)

Sari said...

Dankeschön :) Oh, ich liebe Doppelbelichtungsbilder, die sind sooo schön!