Wedekind examines: Head&Heels

Hej* Mika!

Today I want to examine 27 year old Mika.
This lovely lady currently lives in Stockholm and her Blog Head&Heels
points out that the Swedish definitely got style! 
Shops, Cafés, Fashion, People: Mika’s pictures make me think I’d better move to Stockholm, 
`cause life seems better there. 

And because she loves balloons/bubbles/summer nights/lace/photography 
and especially new people as much as I do
I spitted some questions…

What’s the most awkward piece in your wardrobe?
i guess i would lose my face if i would tell you that. i have some really old and awful pieces in my wardrobe, 
which i definitely should burn before someone can see them.
here in stockholm my most awkward piece is my beloved viking helmet, which i think every inhabitant of sweden needs to have in his closet… 

you never know…

If you could be anyone you like for just one day, who would it be?
spongebob squarepants – i’d love to live in a pineapple and play with jellyfish the entire day

What are you afraid of?
the list is endless. I’m afraid of nearly everything. like flying, spiders and walking around alone in the dark. 
and my primary-school-teacher (she was really creepy…)

How would you describe yourself in 3 words?

 i have so many wonderful qualities, it’s really hard to narrow them down to just three – i’d say happy, friendly and helpful.

What talent are you proud of?
i can play the triangle… now you’re speechless, right?

What’s your funniest childhood memory?
one which still makes me laugh today is when we were on vacation in portugal and my sister and i were at the beach in the evening burying
 living crabs (haha, not that they wouldn’t be able to crawl out of our holes again) guess we thought that they could hurt someone. 
then we wrote in big letter “achtung! danger! krabbe!” in the sand. i’m sure we saved a lot of lifes through that.

If you win 1000 Euros how would you spend it?
 i would bring the money to the bank and save it for my future. hahaha, just kidding!
 i think i would immediately book a flight to london, 
which is one of my favourite towns in europe and go for a crazy shopping weekend. or i’d buy a llama – i love llamas…

When it comes to Blogs&Fashion: Who are your heroes/role models?

blogs: i’m not a big fan of the really big fashion bloggers, i sometimes really miss their passion about what they’re doing. 
seems like it got more like a job for them.
some of my favourite blogs right now are: 
bohemian musings ( and 
fashion role-model: gwen stefani – i simply love her style.

What’s so magnificent about mondays?
there’s nothing magnificent about them – monday is by far the worst day in the week. 
so i try to cheer up my readers, but also myself with funny pictures to have a halfway passable start into the new week.
 it really helps!

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*swedish. what else?

kathmo said...

girl, you’re awesome!

Lola said...

das hattest du ;) und vielen dank für diesen wundervollen blog!

arrrtache said...

schwedinnen sind eben nach wie vor die wundervollsten wesen :)

Balazs Iosif said...

your right! “Swedish definitely got style” saw a couple of street style blogs from Sweden and I may say that I was happy with what I saw there. Great style!

xx Balazs

Julia said...

Ha, das hast du aber schnell gesehen, dass ich dich verfolge. Gefällt mir sehr dein Blog. Mika wird ebenfals gefolgt. :)

Aber den Lebkuchemann behalte ich. Meiner! ;D

Sabrinski said...

Vielen Dank für deinen lieben Kommentar :) du wirst jetzt ebenso verfolgt!

Sabrina <3

Lea said...

ich liebe sie auch ;D

Skinny said...

love outfit #1- too cute