Backstage: From Woman To Cat

1. 9 o’clock in the morning: I definitely do NOT feel ready for stage. Can you feel the dark circles around my eyes?
2. 10 o’clock: Forgotten is the lack of sleep – Catwoman is ready for the fight.
3. 12 o`clock: kids loved the play! I’m exhausted but happy. I still got dark circles round the eyes, but who cares!
theatre – rule N° 15: To get long, black hair you need a wig and therefore you need to put a stocking on. New trend!
theatre-rule N° 21: You need 3 layers of make-up (minimum), so that even the last row sees your Eyeliner.
theatre-rule N° 1: have fun. nothing else matters.
* The answer of the Order Quiz is: C! Well done, righty-rights! Can’t wait to wear them!
** If you want to taste my Orangenpunsch (hard to translate, but it’s alcohol) recipe klick


Vielen Dank für dein Tip bzgl. Concealer .. Great Blog .. LG DENISE

ASZIYA said...

wow hammer bilder!!

Anni said...

die bilder sind großartig und du gibst eine großartige catwoman ab :)

Jen said...

Tolle Catwoman, bin mir sicher, die Kinder wahren hellauf begeistert :D

Oh great post! I love the sweater! and the little red lips are stunning :D

shoelazzo said...

so great pictures!!!
many kisses

Peti said...

Wie cool, war bestimmt sehr spaßig. <3

Kim Liz said...

und ich liebe den sweater, den du dort trägst.

cute post!

Would love it if you visit my blog when you have time ;)

Die Schuhe waren/sind von TopShop! :) Sorry, für die verspätete Antwort.

Alena said...

sehr süßer post! gefällt mir total;)