Geschenke (4)
Weihnachten (1)
Weihnachten (2)
Geschenke (3)
I’m back on track. 
Spend the last days in the countryside, where I had a reading (finally I got some xmas vibes, that was my plan)
and of course Christmas celebration with my family. 
the air is so fresh there – I was hungry all the time.
Or was it just the delicious food?

presents presents presents
M.A.C. voucher
H&M gift card
L’Occitane en Provence stuff (love l’occitane lavande)
Flight to London (I already did)
amazing painting by my love (soon to be shown)
audio book
travel notebook
money money money

But all in all I prefer to give presents to my loveys, not to get some.
I love to choose happy-makers and see my family smile at them.

What did you get, dearies?

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what great pictures!! i had a lovely christmas as well my darling thank you!

Nina said...

very merry aprés x-mas wishes & hugs,
enVie & enJoy your presents & holidays. . .
and the final countdown week of 2011!

Nina said...

happy holidays!!

happy holidays !

interesting blog ….come for a visit, and if you like sign as follower …I’ll do back

ciao ave

Pamplemousse said...

Omg. I DO LOVE this shoes. They are really.. AMAZING!
I’m following you now :-)