Backstage: The Coaching*

Coaching (4)
Coaching (2)
Coaching (3)
Coaching (1)
circumstances, motivation, justification, point of view, subjectivity, need,  wants, subtext, emotional response, organic behaviour, sense memory, personalization

I think I’m prepared for tomorrowemotionally
physically I’ve got sore throat & a cold 
well I guess that’s what my neighbour calls ‘bad timing’.
so keep your fingers crossed tomorrow!

*Can you guess at which theatre I had the coaching?
** If you wanna join my adventure on Instagram tomorrow, just check out viennawedekind

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Peppie said...

drück dir die Daumen!!!!!!

Lory said...

In Fetzen? Also immer so mit Pausen? :D
Bei uns hat es nur gestern kurz geschneit. Minimaler Schneefall.. Und heute ist es wieder so warm, das man die Mütze und die Handschuhe beim Fahrradfahren weglassen kann.. =(

thanks soooo much!! im loving new readers! follow on bloglovin! i’ll follow back!! great blog by the way!!


vivien said...

das vorletzte bild ist so schön!

Steffi said...

oh, good luck with your auditions! :)
and btw, i really like your blog, your pics are great!
feel free to visit mine back if you want, it would really make my day! :)

Melissa said...

dankeschön :D
voll der gute blog :o erstmal verfolgen wa !