Oh what a night!

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Dress & Vest – Diesel/ Clutch – Pieces/ Rings – Topshop&Polynoir

First of all: I needed the whole saturday to recover, but I’m back on track. ha!
It was an amazing night, full of overwhelming impressions and fabulous people.
The evening was an explosion of creativity and movie-masterminds, can’t believe
I was right in the middle of it.
When I discovered where I was seated I was speechless. first row. uuhmm yeah.
not really my thing, since the cameras where EVERYWHERE and you always have to smile and clap even if you’re not that excited. 
And yeah: the whole thing is crazy superficial. that’s part of the game. thank god I met a lot of friends there, so I had more than just small talk.
 I hate smalltalk. 

Please forgive the picture-quality, there was poor light and I was in a hurry.
Btw: I got lots of compliments for my beautiful dress and I really fell in love with it! Thanks Diesel!

Have you seen the Instagram Pics on Facebook?

I’m off to eat some chocolate cake, it’s time for some sins. calorykisses to you.

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