Backstage: the cat case

EVN (10)

6 a.m. –  this dark circles round the eyes won’t disappear 
EVN (2)
The names of the leading characters are always sticked on the monitor. don’t ask me why. amnesia I guess. 
EVN (1)
„Cat-do not disturb“ There were rumors that  cat „Cumba” also ordered white lily and Fidji water.
EVN (8)
EVN (13)
EVN (17)
My workplace pretty much looks like I’m a secretary. Or a Webcam-Pornstar-Secretary. 
EVN (16)
This little dwarf on the left is desperately searching for snow white. Unfortunately this was not a real wood and he got accused of indecent behaviour.
EVN (12)
EVN (14)
EVN (18)
EVN (15)
The annoying super-positive backstage-camera operator. got you, tee-hee.
EVN (4)
lunch break. wait a minute – no cotton wool & laxative stew??
EVN (5)
Ok, I’ll have the mushroom cream soup instead…
EVN (6)
…and the chicken curry with almond rice…
EVN (7)
…and the dessert. Maybe the Cumba Cat shares some Fidji water?
EVN (11)
back to work. the director is already directing. gotta hurry up.
EVN (9)
my loverboy. don’t ask.
EVN (24)
Christ, I don’t need lily and fidji water and tüddeldü, you Diva-Cat! – Where the hell is my plush donkey???? Without my speaking plush donkey I don’t  shoot a  single fucking take. 
EVN (20)
Isn’t this a wonderful bright day…
EVN (21)
…No it isn’t. It’s already dark outside. This daylight is just fake. technique you know.
EVN (22)
The sofa the house-owner have is so tasteful! „It isn’t their sofa. We just borrowed it from Ikea.“ 
EVN (23)
The famous after-work beer. regardless of how late it is THIS is the motivation for every single person on the movie set to be in time.

I am definitely a dog-girl, not much into cats. However I’m traced by this animals:
It was my third work within 6 months with a C.A.T.! uff.
Ok, Cumba the Cat was well educated but a greedy pig. The meat was the only reason he lifted a finger.
He got tons of meat that day. 

I got up at and shooted 12 fucking hours, only short brakes included.
I guess that’s the bad thing about being a leading character.
And because the cat’s mood was unpredictable I had to be brilliant.
20 people staring at you and hope you give your best because
they make you responsible for their knocking-off time. Thanks.
Alone in front of a huge camera, with the staring faces all around you.
 Quite intimidating, trust me.

But all went well and I’m looking forward to seeing the results. 
By the way: more impressions of my shooting will be published in a magazine soon. Keep you updated.
Enough of cats, I’m off to pet my dog.

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Alex said...

Genau in welchem Film, Serie, Werbespot kann man
dich mal in Action sehen ??? :D
Sieht sehr interessant aus, wenn ich das so sehe
könnte ich von dem gedanken abrücken Physik zu
Liebe Grüße Alexx

Simone said...

Fiji water for the cat…. Hilarous! The captions are really funny!

ediot said...

this looks so exciting. thanks for sharing.
looks like fun

die fotos sehen super aus und allgemein ist alles sehr interessant! :)

xx, Sabinna und David

Olya said...

Is is an apple pie? Yam, love your close up shots! very cool :) xo

Annka said...

das sieht mir echt nach Gourmet-Catering aus! Wir machen uns hier echt gegenseitig hungrig mit den blogs :)

Coco said...

Bitte, bitte sehr gerne, dann sag mir mal wie du sie fandest. :) Studierst du eigentlich an der Wiener Schauspielschule?
Liebste Grüße, Coco