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Juliette Binoche& Andie MacDowell at the Berlinale Talent Campus 2012 (c) Vienna Wedekind
…that’s what Andie MacDowell said. Even when someone wakes you up
at 3 o’clock in the night: K N O W Y O U R L I N E S!

Now you might understand what I am doing the whole day long:
preparing for castings, knowing my text. Well, that’s the easiest lesson. 
Trust me: a casting is so much more than just blabla the text. hard work, loveys.
you have to be as natural as possible and fill the lines with life. sounds easy but it isn’t.

all actors are doubting a lot and quest for perfection. we have to be more human than anyone, which also hurts a lot.
  “You have to get rid of all your layers and your ego“, that’s what Juliette Binoche said and I love her for that line.

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