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after all the fashion stuff let’s go back to work:
my life is a movie and movies are my life, no wonder that I need
my daily dose of celluloid. 
If I have no rehearsals I have castings
If I have no castings I have appointments
If I have no appointments I watch movies
If I don’t watch movies I read movie magazines
It’s as simple as that.
I can really recommend RAY and CELLULOID: Very interesting reviews and interviews & beautiful pictures.
Discovering some breathtaking movies makes me happy. Maybe I’ll soon give you some recommendations of great movies&series.

What I can also recommend is my Diesel GIVEAWAY. This purse is great shit!

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Annika said...

My Week With Marilyn muss ich mir unbedingt bald anschauen und über mehr Filmtipps würd ich mich auch freuen!

Simone said...

Please do so! I would love some recommendations form you!!