Backstage: the sequence shot*

Backstage (13)
Some impressions of my latest movie-shooting (on this picture: the director explains important stuff while the actress is distracted) …

Backstage (5)
absolutely nothing works without these walkie-talkies: seems like they give everyone a VIP Status. 
Backstage (3)
Backstage (25)
Backstage (22)
the camera operator adjusts distances and sharpness

Backstage (14)Backstage (15)

Backstage (6)
especially for shootings at night you need special lighting. Believe me: nearly every light in movies is artificial! 
Backstage (7)
Backstage (17)
Backstage (16)
Backstage (20)
Wanted? In 85 per cent of all cases you find crewmembers and actors at the Catering.
Backstage (24)
Backstage (23)
that’s what it looks like in front of the camera. here it’s the video-operator testing measurements.
Backstage (27)
the costumes. always the actor’s question: will it be oldfashioned or not?

Backstage (28)

Backstage (19)
the director makes notes and explains his visions to us.
Backstage (21)
our vision: lunch break
Backstage (4)
our D.O.P. = the director of photography. the DOPs are always cool cats. see?

Backstage (9)
Backstage (8)
Backstage (33)Backstage (30)
Backstage (29)
Left: Me, private, enjoying the last sunbeams before the night-shoot.
Right: With my costume on (except the tights. but I had to get rid of them later on). It was damn freezing at night, but the daring flowerpower-girl survived.

that’s pretty much it 
 Now I’m wasted and have a cold. 
Don’t forget: Only 5 days left to win this …

*A sequence shot or long take is a sequence filmed in one shot without any editing and any cuts between plans! 
In moving shots is often accomplished through the use of a dolly or Steadicam and usually lasts several minutes.

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