La Prairie – An Introduction

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2 days ago I was invited by the swiss luxury brand La Prairie to get some exclusive informations
about their new expansion of the Advanced Marine Biology Collection. And you’ll have the change to get some goodies …

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The Advanced Marine Biology Collection is an eco-consious skincare.
It avoids overexploitation via aqua culture technology, which is a controlled, land-based production of marine algae, kelp and other sea plants.
The complete collection is unisex, antiaging (it contains the famous La Prairie Cellular Complex) and especially for young and active costumers.
Special Ambassador for the Marine Biology Collection is Céline Cousteau who is a committed spokeswoman for the environment.
 She states that the collection “provides ‚ multi-tasking, high performance products with healthy ingredients that are not depleting our environment.“

To take the eco-awareness to the next level La Prairie initiates the La Prairie Award – in partnership with the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation-  where
$ 100, 000  donation will go to one of 3 pre-selected marine protection initiatives for example the Marine Sanctuary to save the Mediterranean Monk Seals (cute ones!!)
But there’s not only the jury who picks a winner, YOU can also vote for your favourite project!
Support our world’s ocean by casting your vote on La Prairie`s Facebook page.

Enough information, guys:  I need to test all the gels, emulsions and mousse cleaners!
And here’s the amazing/breathtaking/heartbeating news: 
You can win the Advanced Marine Biology Collection exlusive on Vienna Wedekind!!!
So be prepared for this giveaway & another surprise – starting this sunday!!

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Katharina said...

das event sieht sooo cool aus! wahnsinn, der neid frisst mich auf :)

KERRIN said...

hahah your comment made me smile, thanks so much girlie! so jealous of your la prairie experience! their products are literally divine. xx

Nina said...

War sicher ein tolles und interessantes Event:) Hab gehört ihr habt auch meinen Freund getroffen :D

xx Nina

Mel van Rolt said...

mensch, mit deinen fotos könntest du mir alles verkaufen ;)

FAIIINT said...

Oh, I’m so excited for this competition! I’m obsessed with high end skin care, and I love La Prairie! This new collection sounds amazing, I love that it’s eco conscious & the La Prairie Award is such a great idea! Also, the photos here are just beautiful!

Mary said...

Whoaa, I’m really excited about this giveaway! Anyway, this collection sounds really interesting – and I too really like the idea of the La Prairie award x

Luisa said...

vielen Dank :) ..ich muss ja gestehen, dass ich bisher noch nie etwas von der Marke gehört habe, aber was du so darüber von dir gibts hört sich ja erstmal schon mal zml gut an, auch die Aktion ..eigentlich zml cool :) auf jeden Fall auch sehr schöne Bilder!

LOLLO † said...

hey, ich finde deinen blog total süß und liebe deine bilder ♥ – folge dir auch schon länger! würde mich freuen wenn du auch mal vorbei schaust , und wenn du magst gern folgst:
Danke schonmal , xoxo ♥