Kick Ass

this is me – right before my yoga lesson. here’s the reason:

at the moment I’m trying to keep calm and skip irritations
practicing my mental strength now – will need that in a few days
those who follow me on Facebook already know that I had a huge casting lately
well I have a call-back now and on monday I must proof that I’m the one!
it’s all about focus

anyway, for more acting-insights and other fun stuff it’s always good to
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leyla. said...

yoga doesn’t do much for my mental health, but i do like the part where you are being active without actually having to run around like a maniac. best of luck!

jenni said...

Good luck for the final round! You do look cool! :)

Oh, I did Yoga too. I even did some “mental yoga” when I got my newest tattoo – and I nearly fell asleep while gettin it. A couple of months ago stopped doing yoga and started pilates…

Sina said...

geiles bild ! du bist schoen !

Clara Turbay said...

Perfect combinations, classy and good taste!

Lischen said...

Hammer Bild! Echt gut.


Jade Eve said...


thanks for your comment, so great :)
like your blog so much and now i’m a new follower.

nice outfit, like the combi.
so pretty