Casting Preparations

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You think an actress just acts? You’re damn wrong. There’s a lot of preparations before I go to a Casting or a Movie Set. Learning the lines is the easiest part …
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 Pocket Companion/ Dayplanner 18-Month courtesy of Paperblanks
a good preparation is everthing (not only in my job), so I always try to:
– read the screenplay or the scene (you not always get the whole script) several times
– take first notes (at the moment I’m using the Paperblanks Notebook, love the paper quality)
– learn the lines 
– write down the facts
– concentrate on the figure’s biography
– answer the preparation questions
– from time to time I do a video-analysis (boy, thats challenging!)
– go through the scene with a colleague
If its possible (sometimes castings are quite spontaneous) I try to know the lines 3 days before
becoming a whole new person & biography within a few days is hard work but
it’s the most exciting part of my job.

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Stefany said...

paperblanks are so lovely!
I remember when I joined drama classes for 5 years. Not an easy job as you said! Nice list for preparation.

Talisa said...

Diesen Paperblanks Kalender habe ich auch :) Wusste gar nicht dass du Schauspielerin bist, freut mich :) Sehr gute Tipps hast du da vorgestellt,kann dir nur zustimmen!

Alexx said...

Das ist sehr sehr interessant :)
Und diese Bücher sind auch supersüß!

Liebe Grüße

Daniella said...

Your blog is absolutely perfect from the posts to the layout. I love it!

And congrats on your 400 fans – you deserve every one of them. x

Milex said...

aww thank you :) i am in love with your style and you have new follower :)

Martina said...

finde diesen post sehr interessant, will mehr darueber lesen!:)

I really like these photos!!
Great post ^^
Your blog is so cute. Loved it!

I’m such a stationary freak, those notebooks are beautiful


Girl Lilikoi said...

Beautiful planner dear. That is a lot of prep work. Casting is Hard. I’ve seen avatar casting before when the script is not even confirm and everything is in CG so need to imagine from scratch! You Must have a wonderful imagination dear ❤

Leonie Soyel said...

haben sie dir das auch geschickt? :)
sind nett die kalender

Katharina said...

kenn mich gar nicht aus, aber du siehst sehr organisiert aus – und sofern notizen hübsch sein können, find ich deine echt hübsch :)

You seem to do a lot of preparation work, well done!
those notebooks are lovely! xx

Anna said...

so schön ordentlich alles :D♥

claude said...

tolle Bilder!
drück dir die Daumen!

xx claude

Lotta said...

was für ein Foto <3