Backstage: Acting Dolce Vita

Best part of my job: Delicious Food/Travelling/Loads of Clothes and … my job!
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What I did the last couple of days:

°went to Berlin for 1 day for some Movie-Preparations
°had a wonderful dinner at The Grand Berlin which was beyond description!
°had some make-up rehearsal (my hair is getting dyed next week!)
°also had my first contact with my faux baby bump at the Fitting
°studied the screenplay and made thousands of notes
°ran through the streets pretending to be pregnant (hint: trust no one, it could be an actor!)

only 6 days left till first day of shooting …
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StyleKULTUR said...

Great post! I´m falling in love with the chcolate cake!

leyla. said...

that dessert is mind kind of dessert. looks really good. i must say the pregnant belly suits you. you look really well carrying it.


Lauren said...

You surely fooled me about the faux baby bump! The scarf tied around it is something all pregnant women should try–looks so pretty!

adorn la femme

Sarah said...

The food looks delicious! You can tell you’re enjoying all of it, best of luck with everything!

This sounds and looks like so much fun! I can’t wait to see what colour your hair is going to be and how funny is that faux baby bump!

Lots of love,
Sarah Mikaela