Blogger’s Choice – Use a brand

This year Vienna Fashion Week has another Highlight: The Blogger’s Choice Pop-Up Store!
9 Blogger got to choose their favourite brands & pieces made by up-coming designers – this clothes will be sold exclusively on the Vienna Fashion Week Pop-Up Store.
Get a glance at my Use A Brand selection …

UseaBrand (7)
UseaBrand (2)
UseaBrand (6)
UseaBrand (5)
UseaBrand (10)
UseaBrand (8)
UseaBrand (4)
my favs are the black gilet (first picture) & the white wool shirt with zippers (above)

First of all: It’s sooo much fun running around in a store and choosing stuff! 
Unfortunately buying agent wedekind fell in love with every single Use A Brand piece, so I should stay with my job as actress. ha!
Chief-Designer Anna showed me round, talked about the Fall/Winter Collection and even gave me a present (more about that soon).
In the end I chose some cosy jumpers, comfy skirts & rockin’ jackets! Don’t miss my selection, you won’t regret it!
You can find it here:

Pop-Up Store Blogger’s Choice @ Vienna Fashion Week
12.-16.09.12/ open 14:00 − 22:00
Museumsquartier/ Quartier 21/ 1070 Wien

check out the other’s selections :
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invisibly said...

:) dort gibts auch ein kleid von mir

Oh.. jetzt hatte ich mich schon gefreut, dass so was cooles stattfindet, wenn ich am 19.9. endlich mal nach Wien komme – und dann dauert’s gar nicht so lang.. :(

I’m not surprised your selection is superb. Love it, babe!!