Shooting Diary 3

2.Drehtag (9)
back on track, back on set
2.Drehtag (8)
6.00 a.m. breakfast
1.Drehtag (14)
1.Drehtag (12)
2.Drehtag (10)
my baby-belly. love that I can put it into the box after work (poor real pregnants!)
1.Drehtag (17)
my sun-protection army
1.Drehtag (15)
1.Drehtag (13)
dessert: yummy vanilla-profiteroles
1.Drehtag (19)
one of the toughest jobs on set: continuity! Hats off!

long day love
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Rothaariges said...

So wahnsinnig tolle Eindrücke! Was entsteht denn da?

crriena said...

Ihr habt aber ein tolles Catering am Set :) da weiß jemand, wie wichtig das ist!