Life as actress: the film festival

I’m so in film festival mode right now! After visiting the Berlinale and the Diagonale this year I’m now playing at home. means: my hometown film festival 
VIENNALE just began! trust me: my schedule is packed …

Viennale (1)

I love watching movies and documentaries from around the world,
yesterday I’ve seen „the unspeakable act“ which is a movie about incest. kind of. fantastic!
made me think about incest-laws and why couples who love each other so much 
mustn’t be together (I know it’s the genetic hazard and a delicate subject). 
what do you think about that?
do you watch movies at the Viennale?

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Fashion Lace said...

Wow! Sounds amazing!

Never been to the Viennale.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. xx

wow nice pictures! sounds like you’re having great time!
i like your blog so much :)

kisses from Russia,