Goodbye 2012

Looking back at 2012. Take a look at my favourite outfits from 2012. click on the subtitles to see the full post.
What’s your favourite?

relax & recap

leather gasoline // a streetcar named desire

off to the movie-set

blackwhite bigsmall // short(s) vacation

breaking bad

uprising // jaune

salt&pepper // muted colours
assassin // team easy
euphoria // dark days
perfect leather

A RECAP. Now that 2012 almost lies behind us I look back at this spectacular year.
yes there were these ups and downs but every year has its pitfalls and we grow from dark days, right?
I had amazing engagements (+ had to change my hair-colour), met wonderful people and finally fell in love with life!
Not to forget this blog, which is growing so fast and brings me loads of adventures!
I really want to kiss and thank you for joining my joyride and I hope we continue our rollercoaster ride in 2013!
Let’s see what happens – I can’t wait to find out!!

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