Life as Actress: Waiting

Waiting (4)

„They pay me for waiting – the acting is for free.“ This says it all. One lesson I had to learn on a movie-set is to be patient and

 just wait (no joking, sometimes you’ve to wait 6 hours till your first scene). Not my greatest strength since I’m a little whirlwind. 

That’s why I started to spy on my colleagues and find out how they … well …. wait. I wanted to share my obervations with you,

 I hope you like it! what actors & crewmembers do while they are waiting:

Waiting (7)
Waiting (5)
Waiting (2)
Waiting (6)
Waiting (10)
Waiting (3)
Waiting (9)
Waiting (8)

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I love these pictures, it’s pretty much a documentary about waiting people. Cool idea. (And a smart idea as well, since photographing makes the waiting a little less boring, I guess.)

Rothaariges said...

Danke für diese tollen Blick hinter die Kulissen.

I love this post! Such interesting photos, where somehow you see the character, but also a whole lot of the actor behind it. Fantastic!!

Sarah Mikaela
Framboise Fashion

lola said...

I think that waiting is a very inspiring time…for all sort of things, but I’m very impatient by nature…
Great post, x

Kirschblüte said...

coole bilder – mehr backstageberichte :)!

FAIIINT said...

Love this post & the documentary kind of feel it has. I’ve always enjoyed people watching, it’s so interesting to see how others behave! These photos are beautifully shot too, and I love that even though they’re the actors just waiting so much character still shines through.

melissa said...

Thanks for sharing this, it has such value , I love the real people’s pics and you capture them so well. Good luck and keep on waiting on day if you keep it enough you will get there. I am also trying on teh other side of the world to follow my dreams xx

moiminnie said...

Your portrait photography is so amazing, you should post more of it! I was also wondering, are there any films or series of yours online? I’d love to see you “in motion” :) x