Today VIENNA WEDEKIND turns 2 – I can’t believe it! What began as visual diary – showing my friends my daily life as actress
 and reviving my love for photography – is now a big huge enormous adventure
In these 2 years I’ve met amazing people from all over the world, I’ve discovered incredible places and was gifted with lots of
treasures (not only clothes but irreplaceable memories)! I’m blessed and grateful. But what would a blog be without readers? 
Here is a tribute to YOU:
Because of VIENNA WEDEKIND there’s no boredom while waiting on movie-sets since I’m always busy capturing the beauty 
around me and to share it with you. No matter where I’m going and which air I’m breathing, the blog is sitting on my shoulders. 
That’s an amazing feeling! And it is YOU who made this such a fabulous adventure:

YOU, the Observer, not commenting but passionate and a very attentive reader! This silent attention is as precious as

 YOU, the faithful fan, reading every post very carefully and leaving marks and lines. You are all an important part of VIENNA WEDEKIND.

With this month’s giveaways I’d like to say THANK YOU for 2 kick-ass years and give you back some love!

Tomorrow I’ll unleash the next  i n t e r n a t i o n a l  (read: for all my Wedekiddos) Giveaway – you deserve it!

And now let’s celebrate!

1000 Heartbeats and Cakepops
– Carola –

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babô said...

uaaa happy birthday!

Aaaah was für süße Bilder!!!
Toll siehts du aus so ganz in weiss :)
Alles alles Liebe zum 2-jährigen!
Mach weiter so :)

Patricia G. said...

Perfect white!

Rothaariges said...

Das ist wirklich toll und ich hoffe noch viel, viel mehr von dir lesen zu können! Herzlichen Glückwunsch, dein Blog ist toll!

Monja said...

lovely photos!!! xo

claude said...

ohh solch ein süsser Post!
Happy Birthday an einen meiner Lieblingsblogs!
Danke für die ganze Inspiration die man immer wieder hier findet!:)

xx Claude

naomi said...

das auspuste bild ist irgendwie süß :)

leyla said...

here’s to many more! keep ’em coming :)

Sarah said...

Happy birthday! To many more of them :D

Vera said...

Happy Birthday…

Tine said...

Happy birthday love! Mach weiter so!

amalie said...

happy bday! those cupcakes look good xx

Paula said...

Happy Blogger Birthday oder so. :)
ich bin grad erst auf deinen blog gestoßen (shame on me!) und oh mein gott, so ein toller blog!

herzchen, pauka

p.s. ich muss mir UNBEDINGt “the perks of being a wallflower” besorgen!

FAIIINT said...

Congratulations & Happy Blog Birthday Carola! I have so enjoyed reading your posts & hope there will be many more years of Vienna Wedekind to come! :)

Pixi said...

Schööön! Happy Birthday! Und auf ganz viele schöne Jahre, die noch kommen werden! (:

moiminnie said...

Happy bday Vienna Wedekind! I’m so glad I stumbled upon you few months ago! Congrats on all the success you’ve had so far and wishing you many great things to come :) xx

Bader Lamont said...

Happy b-day ! happy for you ! really nice blog come and check mine ! MAYBE WE FOLLOW EACH OTHER ON gfc AND bloglovin’/Facebook .. let me know :)


Anne said...

Ah soo cool! My blog just reached it first birthday. Feels good he!

melissa said...

Happy blog anniversary! I love your aesthetics and reading about your work and adventures, its inspiring and it makes my own madness and hustling seems ok.

cecylia said...

aww happy birthday, the cupcake candle is so cute!!!

looks good. darf ich auch mal beißen? nur ein stücki.

übrigens habe ich dich in der woman gesehen, hab mich gleich gefreut, wie ich dich erkannte. super, gratulation!