Chimney Sweeper

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Outfit18.3.13 (4)Sweatshirt – Boy London (get here)/ Pants – Urban OutfittersSleeveless Jacket – H&M/ Coat – Vintage/ Hat – Weekday (similar here)

The reason for looking like a chimney sweeper could be A – you actually ARE one or B – you’re currently sweeping tons of text
 down your brain-chimney and desperately need to wear a hat to keep it all together. Well, I go with B since I’m currently
 rehearsing for 2 plays simultaneously. Don’t get me wrong I love this situation but learning the lines for two leading roles is no picnic. 
But don’t worry: The hat is very spacious!

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nadja said...

love your style, the mix of cool and casual, totally my kind of taste

Peet said...

Uf, two leading roles?? Good luck with that, babe, sounds challenging but what would life be without challenges, right?;) Great rings too, you look cool!

Emmi said...

sehhhhhhr cool!

Tine said...

Hut steht Dir gut!

Hilal said...

Ouh die Jacke ist ein Traum *-*

liebst, Hilal

Pepa Xavier said...

Loveeee the rings! Where are they from?



tolles outfit, ich mag den hut sehr gerne! :)
kaffee waere toll, nur fliegen wir in ein paar tagen wieder nach london :( aber hoffentlich im sommer dann!! :)

xx, Sabinna und David
Broken Cookies

Tessa: said...

You look great! Love the second photo!

Joana Santos said...

so nice! i love your rings and the sweater :D


LOLA FINN said...

haha… das sind die Haare,die so leuchten :D daaaanke <3

LMP said...

dann nimm dir die zeit und spiel ne runde ;)

melissa said...

love the leggings and the BOY shirt. Perfect combo with the finishing tough of the hat x

Miss. Ore said...

keep your balance with new balance! those shoes are in sweet colors. i’d get those if i’d actually spend my money on new running shoes rather than clothes ALL the time!