A Gift from Louis


You have probably seen this beautiful package on my Instagram page a while ago, haven’t you?

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I received it and almost fainted when I opened the box:

AgiftfromLouis (4)

  My own/unique/JUST MINE/personal porte-adresse from Louis Vuitton!! I mean this is major!
When I checked out the Hot Stamping process (see here) I came across this vibrant turquoise colour
and murmured „this would just look too good on that light-coloured leather!“ And here we have it:
the turquoise-initials-on-soft-leather situation! I have to travel IMMEDIATELY!!! Thanks Louis Vuitton!

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Tine said...

YEAH, you lucky girl :)

Pebelle said...

They just send it to you like that? Or did you buy a bag before, or how? Curious curious curious…..! :)

Dear Pebelle, I didn’t buy a bag. They just sent me this present, because they are gorgeous! :)

FAIIINT said...

Oh wow, I am super jealous! The green against the pale leather is so perfect & that gorgeous stitching & craftsmanship… Such a lovely gift!

Claude said...

lucky you:)

xx Claude

Peet said...

This does look very stylish. The color combination is very sleek. Imagine someone with the same initials takes it off at the airport??:D

Charly said...

So adorable and classy present u lucky girl!

Yuka said...

so gorgeous. loving the colors

Viktoria said...

Very cool!!

xx, V


ANNIE said...

love your photos too =)
enjoy it!

melissa said...

Thats perfect. What an amazing unique gift. I love to travel too with or without the LV tag ;)

Anne said...

oh my! you’re very lucky ^^