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“Mum, I’m wearing white pumps !!”

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Pants – Asos (get here)/ Shirt – Cheap Monday/ Jacket – Diesel/ Necklace – H&M/ Pumps – Mai Piu Senza (get here)

I can’t get rid of my good manners, blame it on the countryside. I might be a rare species – the gentlewoman.
I would through away your litter, I would invite you to theatre
I would share my high-heels with you, I would save you a place in the tube
I would say „thank you, my dear“, „please” and „excuse me“, I would help you with your coat
I would wait for you in front of the café, I would share my bubble gum with you
Can someone please rescue me and teach me urban rudeness???

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Lackofcolor said...

sehr schönes outfit und der hintergrund ist toll dazu :-)

Tine said...

Nooo please stay a gentlewoman :)

lola said...

It’s good to have good manners, but maybe we are just afraid to be rude because of the way we were brought up?Everyone wants to be naughty sometimes and maybe that’s healthy?
Nice outfit, x

Ich liebe schwarz-weiß Outfits! Möchte mich diesen Frühling auch an weiße Pumps ran trauen:)
Sieht klasse aus.


Siska said...

steht dir ausgezeichnet und die jacke ist ein traum!

Mary said...

Aw stay a gentlewoman, you sound so lovely! Good manners > urban rudeness any day. I love the injection of white that the pants and shoes bring into your outfit – and of course that little pop of colour from your necklace! x

Milex said...

so much to love

DREAMY said...

Navy, black n white. Wonderful.

melissa said...

Love the white pumps Vienna and also the leather jacket <3

Love the outfit!! Who knew white pumps would be awesome again.. Hehe
Love how you combined your look!
I’m now following you on bloglovin :)

Cool look!

It will mean a lot if you have time to check my blog and maybe follow us if you like it !

Hope to see you soon on it :)

Emily from Pretty Tiny Things

Neon Gold said...

i love you!! das ist ein verdammt geiles outfit!!! great job, sweety! x