The Vast Domain


LIFE AS ACTRESS. This picture was taken at the rehearsal for THE VAST DOMAIN (dt. Das weite Land) by famous Austrian
 writer Arthur Schnitzler I’m playing the leading part Genia Hofreiter. This character means a lot to me but it’s also very challenging. 
I am loving, crying, hating and hoping. It’s a story full of mysteries and crime:

The successful entrepreneur Friedrich Hofreiter has just ended one of his many affairs. His escapades are hurtful to his wife, Genia,
 yet she hopes to be able to save the marriage and so she keeps up the pretense of an intact relationship. The death of a certain
 young musician proves to be a further source of tension for the Hofreiters; the young man kills himself because of his love for Genia. 
Then Hofreiter becomes enamored with the young and unconventional Erna. Genia, deeply upset, throws herself into an affair as well.
All at one, the game of hide-and-seek that they have been playing beneath a shiny facade becomes deadly serious.

Our version of the play also contains elements from Steven Spielbergs JAWS and I can’t wait to show it to the audience!
 If you wanna see it, HURRY UP – the first shows are already SOLD OUT! For more information & tickets check our WEBSITE

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Julie said...

Wow, it must be awesome! I’d like to see you playing! :)