OUTFIT. „A tomboy is a girl who would pick up worms and climbing trees in her backyard rather than go shopping.
A stereotypical tomboy wears no makeup or jewelry, wears jeans and baseball caps etc. This is not necessarily true,
 as many tomboys wear girl stuff. They just don’t care what other people think of them.“ -Urban Dictionary- 

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Shirt – 5PREVIEW Jeans – H&M Leather Jacket – Vintage / Boots – H&M Bag – Diesel/ Sunnies – H&M (other type here)

Despite of having both sides in me, the tomboy’s often stronger than the girly girl.
 I don’t care about a weekly manicure and the latest oh-so-cute nailpolish. I prefer black/blue/white to pink and candy colours. 
Growing up on the country side I’m not afraid of spiders and dirt. But I won’t spit on the ground and I prefer shopping to football
 (except World Cup). I guess I’m a good mix between both sides. Sometimes it’s such a relief to throw on a leather jacket instead of 
fighting with a pencil skirt.  the reason is: there are just other things to do.

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Peet said...

Who would’ve thought the Urban Dictionary would hold such wisdom??:D I’m definitely a tomboy at heart, I don’t think I wore a single skirt during my 4 years of high school. Now I wear skirts but still prefer pants – there are just better things to do than to cover up my private parts constantly.:)

P.S.: Those glasses are COOL, hands down.

кια said...

Awww I really love the shirt <3

lola said...

I must say I really like your tomboy outfit…x

Viktoria said...


Julie said...

gorgeous shoes and sunglasses! :)

LOLA FINN said...

Das ist die erste Jeanstasche überhaupt, die ich sautoll finde!!! Wie immer erste Klasse Look!! :D
lg aus MÜnchen

Rothaariges said...

Wie immer lässig und über sympathisch!

Jen said...

Tolles Outfit <3 einfach wow!

Emily said...

That ub definition is questionable… it promotes the idea that not caring about what others think is purely masculine, therefore femininity=insecurity and superficiality ect ect.. reads a bit off to me.
But I really like how you styled this :) S’pecially the sunnies xx

Tomboy sheek!! My favouriteee!! I have a post that has really similar mirror glasses!! :)

Maybe come and have a look — Im just new to blogging!

From Australia,

JULIANE said...

Tolle Bilder – das Outfit gefällt mir auch sehr!x