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 Talking about my favourite perfumes for summer and how to find the perfect dose:

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When it comes to perfumes I’m quite picky. Sweet and fruity? Not for me. Women who smell like they’re living next to a bubblegum
 factory are causing me headache. Literally. So you can imagine how I feel after visiting a perfume shop. Ok you got me. I prefer the
 more subtle scents like fresh sea air, freshly mown grass and my absolute favourite: the smell of Roses. If you ever consider creating 
a perfume out of these 3 ingredients let me be your testee supernose! However, my all-time favourite perfumes are Chloé EdP and 
Jean Paul Gaultier Classique. I’ve been using them for years and like a dog I chose them just because of their wonderful odour 
without exactly knowing the notes. Some time later I asked my best friend Google and SURPRISE (not): both top notes are ROSES!
 Now a new member to the summer scent family was given to me: Givenchy Ange ou Demón Le secret EdT. Smells like a happy 
apple tree in the middle of a rose-field! My tip for the perfect dose: instead of putting it directly onto yor skin just spray one blast
 upwards in the air and walk through the mist. That’s enough. What are your favourite summer perfumes? Fruity? Floral? Or Spicy?


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Delilah said...

givenchy is always on my top choice *.*


INTIZ said...

My all time favorite is Chloé too..but never try Givenchy.I might give a try sometimes :)

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Anonymous said...

Aaah, hehe, ich verwende genau die gleichen beiden Parfums :) JPG Classique und Chloe EdP…allerdings sind sie für mich eher Winterbegleiter! Im Sommer liebe ich A Scent von Issey Miyake: ungewöhnlicher Weise nicht aus Rose, sondern weißen Lilien…aber unglaublich frisch und definitiv eine Kostprobe wert!

Deinen Tip mit Givenchy Ange ou Demón Le secret werde ich im nächsten Drogeriebesuch direkt mal testen ……