Exploded Flower

 this carefully folded sweatshirt on my shelf ? My love-at-first-sight piece from ACNE, despite the flower print.
Once we’ve agreed that exploding flowers do not count as flower prints I’m finally able to show you the sweater in full bloom. kapow!

Exploded Flower (14)
Exploded Flower (1)
Exploded Flower (12)
Exploded Flower (8)
Acne Flower Print Sweatshirt
Exploded Flower (9)
Exploded Flower (5)
Acne Exploded Flower Sweater

ACNE – Sweatshirt Cheap Monday – Shirt / ZARA – Jeans / VINTAGE – Bag / H&M – Heels / WEEKDAY – Rings (similar here)

don’t ask me why I’ve chosen an all-white look. maybe it’s because I’m confronted with a lot of darkness lately. 
to brave the cold I made a summer sale on my webshop! give the pieces a new home. they deserve it.

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Julie said...

the sweatshirt is amazing! it looks great on you :)

TIGER LILY said...

Great look ! The sweater is gorgeous.

a. said...

grosse klasse!

Daniella said...

AMAZING sweater! Love how you styled it :)

Take care,
Daniella xox

magda said...

like watercolors :)

miss annie said...

unglaublich gut! bei mir war es auch Liebe auf den ersten Blick, was leider nicht zur begegnung mit dem warenkorb und meiner wenigkeit (bis jetzt) geführt hat ;)

Tine said...

Wunderhübsche Bilder, wunderhübscher Pullover, Du wunderhübsche Du :)

Sarah said...

I love the look! Great photography as well!

Michelle Ryu said...

Love the water color looking print in this top!


LOLA FINN said...

oh man, was für ein toller Style!!!
ich weiß nicht, irgendwie hat es was niedliches… so ein bisschen. Aber eigentlich ist es total start und ja, wie immer total cool :)