While writing the wardrobe balance article one question came into my mind: what are the essential wardrobe pieces? The pieces 
EVERY woman should have in her closet? Speaking of timeless basics that never let us down and always help us out when we have
 no clue what to wear. Ok, you get it! Some of you might say that a white shirt and a little black dress are the must haves. But let me
 tell you: there is so much more! I sat down with my girls and made this list of wardrobe essentials. starting with PART 1- THE TOPS:



The T-Shirt the king of essentials! cotton/round neck/black white grey

The classic Shirt button through fastening/point collar/black & white

The Cami It wasn’t on my list, but my friend convinced me! Wearing mine here

The Sweater easy and comfortable/something like this one/round neck/black

The Knitted Jumper winter essential/wool/round neck/bright colours & grey

The Cardigan fine-knit/loose fit/I just own a grey one, but essential colour is black

The Blazer such a basic pieces which is still missing in my closet! essential colour: black

The Leatherjacket I found mine on Ebay I just love it! Goes with literally everything!

The Trenchcoat timeless outerwear/elegant and cool/beige

The Woolcoat very warm/good looking/easy to combine/black or navy (I got one in black)

Looking at that list I’m shocked how many essentials I still need – but I’m working on it. What about you? By the way:
I have a BIG photo shooting tomorrow and if you guys want to keep up you should definitely follow me on Instagram!

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Laura said...

Klassiker! Mir fehlt tatsächlich nur noch – aber das ist am bittersten – die schwarze Lederjacke. Seit Jahren suche ich nach dem perfekten Modell -.-

Theresa said...

Completely lovin’ your choices of essentials! I’d say that most of these are hanging in my closet. Good luck at the photo shoot. Looking forward to seeing pics! :)


Jane said...

The perfect basics !!

melissa said...

Love this post. I live in my basics. Nothing like a good pair of good pair of trousers, a white or black tee, a leather jacket and a good leather pair of shoes, that is perfection. xx

criscrascrus said...

the perfect basics! I love them and no need anything!

TIGER LILY said...

I totally agree with your list, and I think a denim shirt is a basic too !

Antonia said...

i am sorry, but this is depressing

Gail J said...

really like the leather jacket! xx